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At Camp Winning Ways we have different programs suited to the different stages of a child’s life.


Laying Foundations

A Self-discovery program designed to establish where the camper is at in terms of their physical, social and emotional state. Our evaluation of the camper enables us to address the specific needs and challenges they are facing. We strive to make this journey of self-discovery as enlightening as possible by walking them through issues such as: Identity, Self-esteem, and Influence, among others.


Raising the Bar

At the onset of adolescence, he/she feels all grown up and mature. At this stage, he/she is at the precipice of adolescence and many changes; physical, emotional and psychological, are tugging his/her attention, these changes should not be ignored. Raising the Bar is tailored to address these concerns through sessions on Attitude, Family, Influence and Sexuality

Becoming Kenya’s finest

This program focusses on preparing students for their final exams. Academic work takes center stage and almost eclipses all else in the school & home environment. The pressure is high from both teachers & guardians to deliver exemplary results. This high-pressure situation is handled differently by each student. Becoming Kenya’s Finest is meant to help the camper diffuse this stressful environment and handle it positively by dealing with their fears, and the expectations others have and chart a way forward to the realization of a joint goal.


A Whole New World

It is a transition program that aims at enriching, enlightening and empowering your child to address concerns about settling into a new environment.

Discovery Channel

Teenage years are the years of discovery, the experimental phase. It is a time where the teen is not laden with responsibility and thus has more time and will to explore various options; to critically evaluate themselves- who they are, who they want to become and what they want to be known for, towards the realization of that person. It also seeks to help the camper through what would be a rebellious patch and make decisions that will not only honor them but that will also set them up for success in the future.


Leader in Me

This is a leadership camp program, designed to equip the camper to stand out in every aspect of life. Leadership in its simplest form is the ability to inspire, coordinate, motivate and encourage others positively towards a desired end. It is with this firm belief that we purpose to prepare the young people to be dependable, to serve, motivate and guide their fellow students towards best practices and educational pursuits.